The Domestic Church: Living Faith in Your Home

Our home is our Domestic Church, the place where we live our faith on a day to day basis.  The word religion literally means to "re-connect."  There are so many simple steps we can take in our own homes to make these connections and practice awareness of our life in Christ.  For example, something as simple as a white cloth, a small bowl of water, a cruet of oil, and a lighted candle on our table can help us recall our baptism when we were baptized with water, anointed with chrism, clothed with a white garment, and presented with a lighted candle.
Scripture is the Word of God, and in the Scriptures we hear the story of the People of God - our story!  Saint Jerome was right when he said the "ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ."  It is a good practice to pray with Scripture in our own homes.  And a wonderful way to pray Scripture is to pray Scripture with the Church.  We can do this by reflecting on the Scriptures the Church proclaims at Mass each day, and by taking  extra time to reflect on the Scriptures which will be proclaimed at Sunday Mass.  Click on the image to your right to access the Scripture readings for today.
Keeping the Church, or Liturgical Calendar, also forms us in faith and deepens our relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church.  Do you keep the Church's Seasons and Feasts in your home?  It can be as simple as having a prayer table with a colored cloth for the given Season or Feast, reading about the Saints, or celebrating a special Feast Day Meal.  Did you know that many Feast Days actually have traditional recipes associated with them, or special customs and
traditions associated with them? The various pages of this web site will give you more ideas, season by season.  And you can always contact us at 861-1295 for suggestions on traditions and recipes for a particular Season or Feast.  You can also find out more about the Saints by clicking on the Saint of the Day icon to your right.
Do you have a holy water font in your home?  How about a cross or crucifix, or perhaps an icon of your Patron Saint?  These sacramentals remind us who we are, and whose we are!  It is a wonderful practice to bless yourself with holy water each time you enter and leave your home.  And a wonderful resource book for your home prayer is "Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers" published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  This also makes a lovely gift.  You can find out more about this book here.  This also comes in a paperback edition.